Delayed Flight

It was a very exhausted night, we were waiting for our friend to arrive at the airport Manila, we were actually texting her to just follow us in McDonalds nearby since the kids were already starving from the trip. When suddenly she messaged us that the plane she and her kids boarded was advised to deplane for security purposes. They didn’t know that the reason was to check if there is a bomb in the plane since they just receive a call telling them of such, the flight was postponed for so many hours, there were K9 checking the baggage. Indeed they were able to find a bag with no owner, no one claimed for it. I am not sure if the bomb was already installed or dismantled yet. My friend just messaged us that they found a bag containing of a bomb, if what kind, we have no idea.

So instead they supposed to arrived around 12:00 a.m., they were told to stay at the airport in Davao, they were able to board the plane again around 2:30 a.m., and they arrive in Manila at 3:30 a.m., it was a very exhausted night for both of her and the kids, yet when they arrive in the apartment we rented, when the kids saw one another, they suddenly felt so alive. They did not even sleep they just played with them right away.

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  1. Haguy, kafaet pag flight ma delayed…pag local flight pa naman, kuripot, di magpakaon…pag international, okay lang kay pag mulampas ug 4 hours ang delayed, naa insurance maoy mo treat sa imo hehe.

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