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Nostalgia # 11: The Aftermath

I was so happy to know that the mechanic of our car was here the other day, so I ask him if he can accompany me in downtown so I could practice. While driving, we didn’t know that the road ahead of us was in commotion because of an accident, good thing we didn’t go that way but we went ahead to SM then Matina, then Central Park Bangkal and home. I drove okay only then when I tried to go uphill, I was not able to stepped hard the accelerator so we went down, to get it worst, the clutch was damaged, the lining was burned. I was so disappointed I feel I am the worst driver ever, the mechanic tried to compose me that all drivers experienced the way I experienced. It was already 7:00 p.m., when we arrived home and the rain started to pour.
There were lightning and strong thunder, and the rain poured so hard. At 10:00 pm., while we were enjoying our deep sleep, we didn’t know that some of the residence in Matina were already struggling to survive. I thought it was just an ordinary flood but when I saw the pictures in FB, this is what I found.

Please note that the picture is not mine.

Please visit here to view more of the scene, aftermath.


No Worries

All my lingerie was small just before I gave birth to Faith, but eventually I gained weight, I really never thought I would grow this big. I tell you, I miss the figure I had before, but I would also like to tell you that it is hard for me now to take the shape I once had. I get too worried that I would gain more weight, no more sexy tops or sexy shapes of jeans that will fit me and no more lingerie I could buy that looks exciting. I will be totally frustrated if that would happen, good thing, when I went to the mall the other day, some plus size were displayed in the department store and not only tops or jeans or dress, but also the steamy hot plus size lingerie, I so love it. So those who are hopeless to lose weight, you don’t have to worry because you could still look sexier with those sexy tops. On the other hand, I know it is also healthy if we are really watchful of our diet, I already started it and I am hoping to reach my goal in no time. There is no need to hurry; I am taking it one at a time. So sexy body, here I come!

Just Beautiful : Snow

This was how it looks like during winter at my husband’s place, yay!

Anyway, this is my entry for:

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MAKATI POLICE. This msg is for every girl who goes out from h0me, 0ffice or school alone. if you find any child crying on the road showing his address & asks you to take him to that address, take the child to the police station & dont take him to that address. Its a new way of gang, to RAPE women/teenage girls. Pls forward 2 all female or boys having sisters/gf. Our 1 msg may save a million. PLEASE SPREAD!

This is from FB, I am not sure if this is true but whatever it is, this campaign should be spread so there will be no victims if this is their modus operandi to hurt somebody. It is just so depressing that they would use somebody just to victimize some innocent people who only wanted to help.

Everyone should be careful now, even the one who ask for your help are kids.

This culprit would also use some kids to rob somebody house or stores; they would let the kids get into a small hole so they would open the door for them.

Tsk, tsk, tsk…