Watery Wednesday # 22: Ice Tea

Watery Wednesday

Most often than not, we always ordered Ice Teas and not soda unless if it really gets too humid. But last week when we were invited for a dinner, we all ordered Ice teas. My daughter was so happy because she doesn’t have to drool over for a soda since she is not allowed to drink one. It said that soda can make them heavy when they swim.

4 thoughts on “Watery Wednesday # 22: Ice Tea

  1. i like iced tea too..i made sure it's what i order now instead of sodas..esp. coke..

    thanks for the visit sis

  2. Is that your daughter in the middle of the top photo? She doesn't look too happy at the moment…


    Puddles of water and drops of dew—
    What does it take to satisfy you?
    A rushing river, a roiling sea—
    That’s what it takes to satisfy me!

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