Unfair Rules

I was so surprised to know that the company I enrolled for my driving lesson impost very not fair rules.

I enrolled myself for driving for 10 hours and that is supposedly 5 days, for 10 hours, the fee I have to give them are P 4,990.00 I don’t have problem with that concerning they provided me a hard copy for the fees and the hours they would served me.

But when I called them over the phone today to tell them I could not be there because I have to attend a meeting, plus we had a potluck party we held at the pool. Then I asked them immediately if I could have a one more day for that, since I could not use the hours, that is supposedly today. The in-charge on the other line, immediately told me that I could not have the one more day because the hours today would be counted for my driving session. I was pissed, how they could be so unfair, to the fact I have paid them in full before my driving session starts. Now the plan to refresh my driving there is cancelled, I could not take to deal with an office who impost a very unfair rules for the customers.

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