The Uses Of Challenge Coins

Coins make great collectibles. Of course coins based currency are become valuable overtime, but I am talking about commemorative coins or those with company or unit or organizational logos, motto’s and seals on them. My husband has several of these, mainly because he served in the military and unit coins are some of the most challenging coins to make.

One tradition of the Army is to see if somebody has a unit coin that was presented to them. If the person does not have the challenge coins, he will often have to buy drinks for those present. He tells me that one of the most important things about choosing a mint for your coins, is to make sure that they will provide you with a sample of their work. It is one way to compare the quality and workmanship of what you wish to purchase. Some of the coins are very nice and the workmanship is excellent. They are very nice when they are displayed properly you just have to make sure Mj and Faith don’t take them and think they are money.

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