Thanks To My Niece!

I am so glad that my niece Moreen is here because she is a great help for sending my daughter to her training while I have to run some errands. And because she was the one sending Mj to the pool this morning, I was able to go to LTO to renew the registration of my car. Maimai, the former owner of the car recommended me who would be the person I should contact in regards in such matters. Therefore, it was not hard for me to approach someone to help me with my documents and where to go since the one who’s my friend recommended was the one who would settle all the papers. I just have to bring the car by tomorrow for the emission test and the stencil; I hope I will not encounter any problem with it.

2 Responses to “Thanks To My Niece!”

  1. Krislin Neo, Ting (Syracuse Pike) says:

    I am back.. Hope I am not forgotten… 🙂 Yeah, I am kind of recovered from the loss of my grandma.. I know she is in heaven now but yeah, am still upset..

    Anyway, your post fit into TT so If you have the time, do drop by at

    Perhaps, you can contribute and join Tuesday Thankfulness meme too.. Thanks and *HUG*

  2. kim says:

    well, good luck on that, girl! hehe…