Potluck Party

I am so happy that I belong to this group; we don’t have to be so cautious of our actions because everybody understands everyone. Well, actually the group will never shattered when the leader just know how to gather the subordinates or supporters without making a story behind that would look like the other one be the culprit. The leader should be the one to be the mediator of the people concern not adding an issue with an issue. And last but not the least, whatever the expenses that would incur or will be incurred should be clarify and should be settled not only by one but by everyone. One should listen and has to be broad minded so to remain the group intact. And if somebody would ask then answer it with all honesty that should be the character of a leader.
This potluck party shows the unity of the parents and the coach.

The ever supportive parents

And the swimmers

2 Responses to “Potluck Party”

  1. Russ says:

    What a great Pot Luck Anne. We have them all the time with our social club. They are great.Looks like you had a great group of children and adults there.

  2. plastic part design says:

    im having a potluck party down at the park with liek 20 of my friends (guys and girls) and i was wondering hey wut r we guna do at the potluck for a couple hours so i can here and i need help plz wre not kids so its not games like duck duck goose, we wana have fun play games like mafia and phycaratrist