Eating Three Times at Dinner

Due for not feeling well tonight as my head still aching, I got up from a short nap and ate like three times, I know it was not good and I know I keep on making a promise to myself to get hold off my appetite because I am seriously getting big. But I feel so depressed that I need to release my stress, having a short nap was not enough at all so I ate too much. I am bloated and for sure, tomorrow would be a disaster if I would try to wear some of my fitting jeans, geez when could I get my figure back? I really need to lose weight I mean seriously.

2 thoughts on “Eating Three Times at Dinner

  1. A couple returned from a dinner they had with some of their friends. The wife asked the husband: "Why did you only eat two pieces of cake? That's ridiculous." The husband answered: "I did that out of politeness." And then the wife said: "Only three dinner plates that matched."

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