Clogged Nose

Jm was not able to swim yesterday since I have some errands I need to attend to; I didn’t expect it would get her sick. She suddenly has a clogged nose this morning, I thought it is nothing but she keeps on complaining about it while training. This evening when I arrived home from seeing some friends, she told me she had a slight fever, her temperature was 37.7 degree. She took a paracetamol right away. Her fever was gone but she still keeps on sneezing, I told her to take an Alnix, a medicine for allergy. I think she should skip her training by tomorrow so her colds would stop and will not pursue.

2 Responses to “Clogged Nose”

  1. sHeNgKaY says:

    Ay pareho sila ni Iris ng iniinom if may sipon Alnix din..para against allergy na rin.

  2. Mel Cole says:

    Good thing you detected it right away. Me too, I have a bad flu, that's why I'm being absent in most of bloghopping this week. But I couldn't stand being absent anymore so I blog hopped today. A little cold left in me.