A Hundred Years To Live

I am still not feeling well, my headache continues until today. You know the feeling of having a heat stroke that I posted in my other blog; I am still having that feeling. I know my conclusion is so irrelevant knowing that I am as healthy as Hercules, oh well I am a bit fat but at least I can say that it would take me a hundred years before I die. But sometimes, I feel like I am getting so weak especially yesterday, I was scared to sleep because I thought I may die or some sort of nerves in my brain will not function at all. What will happen to my kids? I don’t want them to be like me when I was just a kid who has no parents to talk with, to share with or to laugh with. I am really afraid to die not just yet until I can say my kids can stand on their own feet. What am I thinking? God will always be there for me, I believe he would never leave me and I know from the very bottom of my heart that he would give me more years to live with my husband and my children.

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  1. Merrrrrry christmas and best wishes for the new year to you and your family, have a great time, lol.

  2. White Flower Oil (http://embrocation.50webs.com) was introduced to me by my mother. During one of my headaches, she gave me this tiny bottle of oil and told me to massage it on my temples and forehead. Amazingly, it worked! Somehow the oil penetrates into the affected area and relieves the pain.

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