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Eating Three Times at Dinner

Due for not feeling well tonight as my head still aching, I got up from a short nap and ate like three times, I know it was not good and I know I keep on making a promise to myself to get hold off my appetite because I am seriously getting big. But I feel so depressed that I need to release my stress, having a short nap was not enough at all so I ate too much. I am bloated and for sure, tomorrow would be a disaster if I would try to wear some of my fitting jeans, geez when could I get my figure back? I really need to lose weight I mean seriously.

Kung Fu Panda 2

We went out yesterday to watch a movie Kung Fu Panda in 3D. Yes, it was a bit expensive but we have so much fun so it was worth it. Even though was not able to watch it wearing 3D the whole time because the rubber band cut off.
The Dragon warrior and the Furious 5 has to go to China to save it from the villain Peacock, and the only way to defeat him is to find his inner peace. But could he find the inner peace when he just found out that his father is not his real father.
Here’s the trailer of the movie: