Tornado in Missouri and Typhoon in the Philippines

We were so shocked to see how devastated the tornado in Missouri, it size was really big, they even called it the monster tornado.

One of the establishments that were hit by the tornado was a school building, in which graduation rites were held. It was only like after 30 minutes that they were done with the graduation rites, suddenly the tornado strike on them. One student was missing and they are still trying to find him now. One hospital was hit too, the toll death rises up to 116, and some residents were still missing, and the rescue is still on going at the Joplin Missouri.

If they are worried about the tornado, we are also worried of the super typhoon here in the Philippines, which it would land this coming Friday. The government agencies are working so hard for the people to get ready, life boats were also prepared, and some of the residents were also preparing their homes. I really hope that those places where the storm could land will not be that affected and I hope there are no severe floods this time.

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  1. It is scary out here this time mommy Anne B kay naa napod another possibility ug tornado na mo igo diria. Pastilan Joplin, MO is where we go to when we go shopping and where I go for my doctor's appointment. Duol ra kaayo diria sa amoa. I am not even sure if I still have my appointment this Thursday kay basin na apil ug igo ang building sa baby doctor. God bless us all and keep us all safe. Amping pod mo dihaa sa Pinas.

    Adin B

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