She Is Fond Of Listening Some Music

My daughter is into music, whenever she hits the bed to sleep, she always wear a headphone to listen some music on her cellphone. She could even memorize some songs; I just don’t like her to listen the song of that bratty singer. Anyway, since she always used her headphone every night, it tends to be damage easily. There were numbers of headphones she bought already but they were always damaged, so I am not sure if there is a high quality headphone for her to use long term. Then I learned from my friend that before buying a headphone for Mj we should make or have a thorough check with the headphones in the mall if that’s brand is durable. She suggested for us to read some headphone reviews over the Internet or we can actually asked somebody who used a certain brand for a long time thus we will not be wasting our money for some quality less headphones. Right now, she could not hear her favorite songs in the cellphone yet since we still didn’t buy her one maybe after our trip or when the school classes begin.

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