Hermes Bag

Oh well I need a new bag since my bag’s zipper is always getting me a problem, it just won’t close sometimes, oh no, not sometimes but most of the times.
Can I ask for a new Hermes bag from the world champion Manny Pacquiao? How I wish, I am Mommy Dionesia so I can just ask a bag worth a million right away on my birthday. LOL

Anyway, I just found out that aside from Mommy Dionesia there are some celebrities who are multi millionaire that could afford to buy a million worth of bag and one of them who owns a Hermes bag is Sharon Cuneta. Oh well, of course she’s one of the richest and wealthiest here in the Philippines who owns number of mansions. Can I be KC Concepcion instead? Nyahahaha!!!

Are you drooling with this bag? So am I.

Picture not mine

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