Judgment Day?

I have seen a billboard here in our city that said May 21 is the judgment day, recently I just read a fiction book entitled “Left Behind” it was about the rapture, at 11:00 p.m., people who have a good heart and the souls were taken, only their clothes were left behind. Now, I did not really mind the billboard saying that on May 21 would be the judgment day. But when I open the yahoo news today, the May 21 announcement has spread over the internet. Although the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines of CBCP refuted the end of the world prediction, they even said, they could not even predict the earthquake accurately. Well, they have points there but what caught me by surprise is the article via Washington post.

Jesus will return and the righteous will fly up to heaven, leaving behind only their clothes.

That was the same plot or scene in the Left Behind series that I read. I am having goose bumps reading this and this recalls me of the book I read few months back. I hope that it remains as a fiction, I am not sure if I am ready for the world to end.

To read the who article you can click it here.

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  1. Only God can tell when is that day. I myself gets goosebumps when someone says it's the end of the world in 2012. But who knows, we can't really tell.

  2. hehe there is such a verse in the bibe thats says that only the Father knows when is the Judgment day. It can be tommorow or today. What we need to do is be prepared ang be thnkful for the days or years that we exist

  3. that's is scary…pero i agree to the commenters that only God the Father knows.

    bahin sa akong music box..oo sis..deleted na to..wala na to nga blog

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