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Affidavit of Guardian

When we arrived at the NSO this morning, the line is so queue as I then realized that the birth certificate NSO copy could also be requested in the city hall so I dragged my niece there. The line was not long but we can’t get that at that time yet, they have to send the requests at the main office. Therefore, we can claim the NSO copy tomorrow yet but since my niece is still minor we have to request an affidavit of guardian, I didn’t expect that they would ask something like a letter from a lawyer to prove I am the guardian. Because when we requested for that before, they didn’t ask anything, as long as you are together with the requester, and as long as they would recognize you as the guardian verbally, you have the right to claim the paper.
Now this is another announcement to those guardians of their niece, nephew, cousin, etc. When you request for some authentication at NSO, and when they are minor yet, you should ask for affidavit of guardian from any lawyer. And send it to the NSO office so you can claim your relative’s authenticated NSO birth certificate.