The Dream That Remains A Dream

When I was only in my 5th grade, I wanted to play a ukulele at school when they are in search for ukulele music player for the choir. I was the one who joined the audition, and I was so happy that they took me as the part of the team. But to pursue with that course, I should have to have a ukulele, during the audition I just borrowed my friend’s ukulele then I continued borrowing it during the practice but instantly she needs it for her school. And our school doesn’t have extra one for me, I asked my sister about it if she could buy me a ukulele but she said no, since we don’t have an extra money at that time. That dream was remain a dream because I was not able to proceed being part of the choir.
Early this morning, when we are on our way here at the swimming venue for Jm’s training, I told her how lucky she is because she can attain her dreams, she just have to asked for it and, me and hubby are there to support her. Since she was a toddler, she already adored water, she wanted to know how to swim, and we grant her request provided with all the materials and gadgets needed for the training. Mind you, those were a bit expensive, sigh but it is nothing compared to the happiness I was able to give to my daughter. All I asked is for her to do well not only with sport but with being a good daughter to us.

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  1. Emzkie says:

    hi Anne! i used to have a Ukelele when I was 6yrs old. my dad had me made one with my name engrave on it and a picture of a coconut tree. it was pretty cool! i learned to play it on the spot. my mom put me in a choir where she teach, and i just seat there observing, then later on.. i was playing Leron Leron Sinta. lol. it was pretty amazing. I lost my ukelele after a big flood. i was so devastated coz it was the prettiest thing. up to now im still grieving for it. =( now i dont remember how to play one. lol.

  2. carinamodella says:

    you're absolutely right anne! parents will do everything to give all the best in this world for their children and will support them on their passions.

    you're kids are lucky for having parents like you and also for having one who can afford all the needed trainings and materials 🙂

  3. IMRIZ says:

    i can relate to this, anne. madami tayong mga kakulangan noong araw na ngayon nman ay binabawi natin na ibigay sa ating mga anak kapalit ng kanilang pagssigasig sa pag-aaral…hayzzz, sana di tayo magkamali, ang mamahal ng mga gamit ng mga bata ngayon,d tulad natin before, hehe

  4. IMRIZ says:

    hope u could visit and follow me here, too

  5. Chie Wilks says:

    ohhh..ok lang yun sis Anne. di man natuloy ang pagiging Ukulele player mo, u became a good mother naman. ganun talaga no? i too am so supportive to my sisters kasi I never got to have everything i needed and wanted back then

    my entry:

  6. sHeNgKaY says:

    Ako nagta-try mag flute..meron la akong pasensya..swerte ng anak mo na mama ka niya..equally maswerte ka rin sa kanya siguro..
    Visiting from Nostalgia mommy anne
    My Nostalgia have a nice day!:)
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  7. Vernz says:

    bitaw… swerte ra jud mga kiddos karon everything available… never tried playing ukelele, but tried classic guitar… hihi.. was here for nostalgia.

  8. chubskulit says:

    Awwww buti ka pa marunong ng ukelele hehehe, my Lol used to play that instrument. Your children are indeed lucky!

  9. RyHeAnNe says:

    Ano ang ukulele Ate Anne? Tama ka jan mas lucky nga ang generation ngayon pero kung titignan mas lucky din naman tayo kesa sa experience ng parents natin. Parang improvement lang, teheee.

  10. gengen says:

    I like to play also ukelele then flute and guitar. I know a little all of that i have even have that now but not playing hehhe. Good to know. Happy Nostalgia.

    Mine is here

  11. jeng says:

    It's not too late, you could still pursue playing ukelele. I used to play the guitar but I stopped and now I promised myself that soon, I will play again. Visiting from Nostalgia. : )

  12. Adin B says:

    So sorry about that mommy Anne B. At least now your kids will be able to live on their dreams because you and your hubby are there to support them. Swerte ra jud ang uban nga mga bag-ong tubo these days. Praktis nalang pod ka ug imoha dihaa mommy Anne B bisan dili na ka ma ka apil sa choir.. hehehehe.. 🙂