I Know Her

The world is indeed so small because when I went out this afternoon in the mall to meet the owner of the car I would buy. She was our friend from before; actually she is the sister of my friend when I was yet in high school. We haven’t seen each other for so many years because we move out from the place when I was in college. I was the one who recognize her and she said I looked so familiar as well, so I asked her about the name of her sister, then we were both laughing, I mean by a fortunate coincidence, she was the one I am actually sending message and inquiring about the car.

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3 Hours of Walking

As promised to myself, I woke up as early as 4:00 a.m., to join the way of the cross. I thought I won’t get tired from walking since they change the route, it is much nearer than what we have from previous years yet I guess I am no longer used to walk for like 3 hours anymore because I feel like my legs were already sore just before we arrived at the 14th station.
When the sun shines on us, I could feel the sting of the sun as it touches our skin, probably one would give up with that heat that hurts already and the pain we felt for our legs while we were walking but the sacrifice that we did today is nothing compared of what Jesus Christ had experience in the hands of those soldiers. The mocking, the starving, and the trials he had encountered along the way to Calvary but he made it.
It is indeed so hard when you follow his steps. That was the song I always heard when we tried to reach the final station. And I am so glad that we were able to complete it, the tiredness we felt was then compensated.
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Nostalgia # 3: Friendship to Acquaintance to Friendship

These two kids met at my engagement party, and at the pictures below they got along so easy and well. I guess my friend who is the aunt of Dj, was the one who took this picture 5 years ago. But years had passed and they were not able to see each other so the friendship was gone, they only became acquaintance every time they saw each other.
When Jm joined the learn to swim program, where Dj was a member. I asked Jm if she was able to talk to Dj, she told me then, she is shy to approach him. Jm make friends with her batch, while Dj has another set of friends, the same batch as his.
Months had passed these two kids became closed since they are in the same sports. They just love swimming; Jm still learns how to do the stroke, while Dj won medals and awards from last year’s competition and DAVRAA this year.
Just ignore the so brown part in Jm’s face,
it is summer and she is always at the pool
These kids are the living proof that the time flies so fast, it feels like it was only yesterday that they were just 6 years old, and now they are on their way to teen’s life.
Anyway, before I would end this post, I just want to say best of luck to DJ as he is going to compete in Palarong Pambansa next month.
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Watery Wednesday # 17 : Lights Reflection

This is the pool in one of the swimming pool here in Davao, Philippines during night time. The lights reflected beautifully in the water of the pool, the kick boards were on the side for those kids in the pool to use.
This is my entry for:

Watery Wednesday
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