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    Eye Wear

    Our eyesight is perhaps our most valuable sense. It lets us see the beauty of the world and it lets us see things that can be dangerous. Well as we get older we may need to wear glasses. A lot of my friends do not need them to drive or see into the distance but they may need them to read. Clic EyeWear has some very stylish reading glasses. Now I am a stylish girl (at least my husband thinks so) and if I look at those reading glasses sold in most pharmacies or department stores, I really don’t care for the way they look. Even if I am only…

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    No My Blog Log Next Month

    The yahoo mybloglog team has been sending emails to all who subscribe them that starting next month, May, they will be no longer tie up with yahoo because the mybloglog is no longer in service. They are suggesting for all subscribers to use the Yahoo Pulse instead, it says that with yahoo pulse you can create your own identity, and you can easily connect and engage with the people, content, and applications that matter to you, wherever you are on Yahoo! I am just wondering if they also got a badge like the my blog log that you can put in your sidebar.