New Lay Out This 2011

This morning, I thought I could not send my daughter to the pool because I slept too late last night. Ayvee was installing my lay out in my blog and I can’t just wait to see the result of the lay out for tomorrow. So I waited until she is done installing it, so that explains why I was so sleepy in the pool today yet I could not take a nap because I have to finish updating and visiting some of the bloggers. I brought my mini laptop so at least, even though the connection was not that great I could still view some bloggers and made a comment through their blog.
Once again Ayvee of Designer’s Chic, thank you!

8 thoughts on “New Lay Out This 2011

  1. Just wanted to say hello and compliment your new blog design . . . it is so pretty!

    Have a wonderful weekend . . . Gina

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