Just like you are selling yourself

When we arrived at the swimming venue yesterday with my daughter and we seated along the club house, when I notice that they had an interview out there. There’s only one applicant though, she seems nervous but I was glad she managed it well. I could still remember my sister when I was still applying for a job before that when you are in an interview, you should be sound like you are selling yourself so you can get that job. You should look and sound smart even you are not, you should answer the question with confident even you are darn so nervous already.
I guess the applicant got the job because the one who interviewed her told her of her shifting schedule in the clubhouse. I must say she sells herself perfectly. Huh?

4 thoughts on “Just like you are selling yourself

  1. Yup! Convince them that you are fit to the job, that you are the one they're looking for. When I had my interview 5 years ago, I always feel I want to poop because of so much butterflies in my stomach.

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