Nostalgia # 2 : During The Japanese Regime


Since we just celebrated our Day of Valour or Araw ng Kagitingan here in the Philippines, I would tell you about the experience of my father and his family and his older brother who is a veteran and was one of those soldiers who fought for us during World War II.
While my uncle was fighting his best against Japanese soldiers, my Dad’s family had a slim chance to see him. Without my uncle’s knowledge, my father, my grandfather and my great grandfather were captured and they were held in a camp of the Japanese soldiers, my Dad was only a kid at that time. They were there for almost two nights, if not for their friend, they could not escape from that camp and maybe dead at that very moment.
The general who happens to be the friend of my great grand father, secretly told them how to escape, this general was an old friend of him before the World War II began. When the general asked his men who were the captures, they lead him to the prison bar and so he was surprised to see his old friend, my great grandfather. At night time came, the general sneak in and told them to escape.
My great grandfather thanks him so much, but right after that, they were not able to see the general once again. Their family was still wanted at that place because of my uncle, but they could not blame my uncle for doing what he thought was best. Besides, he fought because he wanted the freedom that our country must have during that time.
I was amazed how my family survived with those encounters, the youngest uncle was the one who told me when I was just a kid, he always love to tell us those memories during the Japanese regime. He even added that they supposed to be one of those refugees in Hawaii, if only they were not late when the ship departed from the dock.

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  1. my grandfather when he was still alive keeps on telling us stories about the wwII, my father who was a kid then, lost one of his fingers when accidentally the grenade he thought was a toy blasted, its a good thing that my aunt was there and quickly grab him, so luckily only a finger had lost 🙁

    thanks for the visit sis, am visiting all your blogs today hihi

  2. What an amazing story. Almost like it was straight from a movie. Valor does run in your family, as you now are a brave mom 🙂

  3. sus, swerte imo grandfather kay naay friend na Japanese…ako grandfather kay gikulong tapos gipakalot pa daw sa iya lubnganon dayon gi-patay sa bayoneta. ako papa at that time kay 5 years old lang, pero wala sila patya 3 ka igsoon ug ako lola.

    oist…wa ko kabalo nga Araw ng Kagitingan diay ron? ahak jud ning musibat na ug History na ang subject waaaaaaaa.

    ako entry tua sa Mom's Place.

  4. mao ba… daghan jud stories of Japanese encounter sa Davao… kay little tokyo baya ni sa una.. sayang gurl.. tagahwaii na unta karon.. hahah.. was here for nostalgia.

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