Sigh, inasmuch as I wanted to stay here in front of the computer to visit you all guys and or to comment back I just can’t do that anymore, since we need to go out early in the morning today. My sister last night invited me for a pool party but yay how I can join them when I have to be a mother for Jm, so better luck next time.
It has been raining so hard last night, good thing I haven’t heard any news that there are some areas got flood unlike the other night, some villages was flooded. Some says it reach up to 6 feet high. My cousin’s place was one of them, the river on their back already overflowed and it will reach to their house in no time. She and her son immediately evacuated to my other cousin’s house, no one was hurt and only their balcony was affected, the water did not reach up to their living room so she was still lucky.
On the other note, let me say good morning to all of you and have a nice weekend ahead.

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  1. it reminds me of Home in Davao. we usually get floods up to 6ft high mostly likely every 10yrs, we are very close to the river. the old people that lives on the river bank said that a ghost ship past by that river every 10 yrs kaya ginabahaan. lol. i dont know about that. hahaha.. anyway.. hope everything is ok in your place.

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