They Deserve More

It is so hard when you know that your partner sees someone else. It affects whole of your being and the life of the kids. To worsen the scenario is that you can’t do anything with it but would you just leave it as it is? And just ignore the whole truth, what if the kids knew it already, what would you do?
Wife should deserve the full respect of the husband not only supporting her with family financial matters. They are not just your helper at home whom you could just ask to do the house chores or a baby sitter for your kids. They deserve care and love; recognize her of what she has done in the family. They should not be hurt mentally and physically, especially the kids because more than anyone else, the kids are the one who are mostly affected.
I just hope he would change and would at least have sympathy for his daughter. If he didn’t love his wife anymore at least he must have a little respect for her.
I am glad my husband is not like him though.

One Response to “They Deserve More”

  1. Pepper says:

    For a minute there, I thought you were a victim too 🙂
    That's the reason my hubby and I separated years ago…third party…his, not mine, by the way 🙂