Ruby Tuesday : Wings To Fly

Ruby Tuesday

I am riding a public transportation and sometimes I overheard the driver about the gasoline price increased. And that when would the government approved the fare increase. For that moment I prayed I hope they will not approve the fare price increase but they should lower down the amount of the gasoline price so we can still cope up. Some would say that’s impossible and that the only resort we can get is to increase the gasoline and fare.
I just hope I have wings to fly so I will not need both of them. And I would call myself Flying V? Lol! Just take a snap below so you would know what I am talking about here. Happy Ruby Tuesday!

4 Responses to “Ruby Tuesday : Wings To Fly”

  1. Vernz says:

    gurl di ko manghambug pero duha amung sakyanan.. ang usa gibaligya na kay di na ang nabilin ang pinaka-gamay ug pina-kini ug gasolina.. grabe kaniadto ang 500 half tank na..karun may gush.. pordoy…grabe oi.. dropping diay for Ruby Tueday here

  2. chubskulit says:

    Nice shot Anne!!

    My Ruby Tuesday

  3. kat says:

    haguy, amo car nahalin na pod Anne kay mahal pyesa if maguba, mahal na pod gasolina…jeep na lang tawon mi hahahaha.

    Happy RT. mine is here

  4. Mel Cole says:

    hala nu, taas na gyud gasolina dinha, ari diri kay hapit na $4 a gallon, mahal japun kay medyo dako kaon gasolina amo pud sakayanan.

    You can visit my page at my Ruby Tuesday.