Congratulations Mariel!

I just would like to congratulate my niece Mariel. It is her graduation today, that’s why I am in a hurry to catch her graduation program this morning. Then later I would go to my Doctor for check up regarding with my cough, I was not able to push through it yesterday because I have to fetch my daughter in Kumon and sent her to the pool to meet her new instructor. I was not able to sleep early last night since I wanted to finish my work online so I could get paid on Friday.

I hope I could still attend my niece graduation and take a picture of her with her toga attire. I know she still had so many things she would encounter during college. I wanted her to be focused and set her goal so that she can achieve it without any hassle. Love would be temptations in college but if she wanted to finish her studies, she should make it her priority so everything will work positively. We love you Mariel and congratulations!

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