Long Gone

It has been a while since I didn’t take my vitamins. My vitamin C perhaps, was only stored in our medicine kit. My husband keeps on reprimanding me to take my vitamins but I always forget to take it. My calcium vitamins was given away because I didn’t take it, one friend asked me if he could have it since his calcium vitamins were already finished and it would take a while for his daughter to send him, his maintenance. I advised him to tell his daughter to just order it online or visit first the http://www.calcium-supplements.org so she can choose what’s best and mostly recommended by some source for her father. The site would help her determine the efficiency, ingredients and side effects of a certain products so she should not worry if the one she picked up has some factors not good for his father’s health. Anyway, my calcium vitamins has long gone, now it’s time for me to make a canvass what’s best for me, if I should have known better, I would persist myself to take my vitamins daily.

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  1. i do not take vitamins too, as much as possible i eat fruits and vegetables na lang to get the vitamins my body needs. due to my hyper acidity,my stomach is aching everytime i take vitamin C 🙁

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