So Nice To Be Just At Home

The day was spent only at home, my daughter JM was so at ease now that their final is over. She is now seating in our couch watching TV, although she is still grounded from using the computer and so for playing Nintendo. She must know the good and bad and how it would affect her as she grows up. I thought she would sneak in of using the computer or her Nintendo when I am not around, but I was surprised she followed it whole heartedly.
After their final this morning, they had a farewell party. She brought with her Adobo for lunch and when she returned home this afternoon, she brought us almost the whole banana cake, of course F and I were so happy munching it as our snack.
Oh, it is so nice just to be at home without anything to be hurry for. This would be a great summer for us.

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  1. Hi girl! It's really nice to be able to relax at home and spend time with loved ones. haayyy… sana i have a family to spend with na din. haha! emote lang… have a great Sunday! 😀

  2. good luck on ur summer plans w/ the kids…it's really relaxing that's final exams are over, pero pag nandito at complate ang mga bata, busy ang mader sa kitchen lagi ^_^


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