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Ever since I saw how devastated the tsunami and the quake that hits in Japan on TV. I thought to at least donate a small amount from my earning here in blogsphere. Just today through Elvira’s Roundabout, I finally found a way to give, for some people in Japan who’s this time really need our help.
If you are also willing to give a hand, just click Paypal donates and you will be redirected to the site. I know I donated such a small amount yet I hope it could still help some of them.

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  1. Hi anne. That's real nice of you. You will be more blessed.

    BTW, thanks for heeding my request promptly, Re: Gravatar. I need to know though which of the two image you prefer. There were two images that showed up coz u used two different emails.

    Pls let me know once you've decided. The sooner the better.


  2. No amount is too small when giving 🙂 Actually, we are worried bec my sister in law works in Japan. We are waiting and hoping she returns home soon.

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