Ruby Tuesday : Her Classmates

Last Thursday, when I visited my daughter at the pool during their PE subject, she asked me if she could borrow my digital camera, I thought she will be included with the photo sessions and that she will asked someone to take a picture of her together with her classmates. But I was wrong because she was the one who took the pictures thus you cannot find her at the photos below.

These are her classmates, take note of the red collar and the bottle that the other one was holding, this is my entry for:

Ruby Tuesday

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  1. Sorry there are no pictures of your daughter but she took some good ones of her friends–all cute girls. Happy RT. Mickie 🙂

  2. ang cute pod sa iya mga classmates Anne. Photographer sa diay imo dalaginding hehehe. Akong RT entry naa sa Lifestyle and Homemaking hehe.

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