The Lady Behind Us

I was in the hospital today to visit my daughter’s friend, when her Mom paid some of the bills, the lady behind me was agitated to get to her line so she could pay her bills, she said they should assigned two cashiers so the line will not that long. They wanted to check out their patient because it has been a while that they were there and the cost is unbearable at all. I asked her if how she is related with her patients, she said it’s her daughter, 18 years old and suffers leukemia. I asked her if they had it in their generations since that was I thought of, you could get leukemia when one of your ancestors had it. She answered me that they don’t have that kind of illness, the doctor told them leukemia is not through hereditary anymore; you could get it from your environment, lifestyles and the foods you are taking.
But her girl is too young to have that, and knowing leukemia, it has a lot of process to get heal. One of those, is the patient should undergo chemo therapy and if her immune system is not strong enough, her body cannot cope up. How I wish, she will be able to fight for it, she is too young and she must have so many dreams in her life she wanted to achieve. God bless her.

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