I hope he would be given a chance for another life

We are in turmoil right now, my FIL was sent to hospice for his heart condition. My husband is already so worried about it.

I don’t know how to react since we are so miles apart, not only me but my husband as well. His dad lives in Florida and my husband is in Maryland. He has to go to Florida to visit and check his Dad. He was able to talk to his cousin on the phone and he told him, his Dad is not doing well. Although his sister told him, their Dad is okay.

This saddened me and all of us here, especially when the kids really wanted to meet and see their Grandfather. But I guess when GOD will call him to heaven, we cannot resist it, we have to let the person go.

I just told my husband to relax as he has been so uneasy with the situation. I am not sure if I comfort him right and that was all I can do for the moment. I just hope GOD will give him years here on earth yet for his family. I know it sounds impossible but nothing could beat the power of prayer. We just have to believe.

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  1. My prayers for your Father-in-law. I know the feeling of being so worried because you can't do anything to help but prayers will be the best thing to do.

    Hope he'll be well soon.

  2. Nothing can beat a solemn prayer sis…i hope everything will be ok with you Fil..your hubby needs you so much right now. I hope the distance won't be a hindrance for you to comfort him.

  3. So sorry to hear about this, Anne. I shall be praying for his speedy recovery. Must be so hard for ur husband. This is the time where he needs your loving comfort but most importantly, may He find comfort in God's loving grace, strength and constant providence.

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