Belly Dancing on Stage?

I was so surprised when our Dance Instructor for Belly Dancing told us that we will going to dance on May, I am not sure where but she said we have to do a lot of practice and that she assures us the steps were only so easy.
At first, I thought she was only kidding but then when they asked me what color I would like to have for the costume now that proves me, they are not kidding at all.
Me and my friend are still denying it, we are still newbie and we can’t do it, we are too shy to dance in front of so many audience. But they said they will not leave us alone.
I don’t know where this thing would lead to, would I join or not?
I am in a dilemma, I mean this is a rare opportunity to at least enjoy our time being a Mom even how busy we are but can we follow the belly dancing steps?

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