They Deserve More

It is so hard when you know that your partner sees someone else. It affects whole of your being and the life of the kids. To worsen the scenario is that you can’t do anything with it but would you just leave it as it is? And just ignore the whole truth, what if the kids knew it already, what would you do?
Wife should deserve the full respect of the husband not only supporting her with family financial matters. They are not just your helper at home whom you could just ask to do the house chores or a baby sitter for your kids. They deserve care and love; recognize her of what she has done in the family. They should not be hurt mentally and physically, especially the kids because more than anyone else, the kids are the one who are mostly affected.
I just hope he would change and would at least have sympathy for his daughter. If he didn’t love his wife anymore at least he must have a little respect for her.
I am glad my husband is not like him though.
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Oh no! Not this time yet Chan

When I open my FB this morning this is what I got.

Jackie Chan is dead from the hearth attack

I almost fell from my chair; the first thing I thought was to cry hard. I even click the link where the news came from.

Click it to enlarge
My husband could not believe about it, he said it was not in the CNN news. So he searched it over here in the Internet and this is what he got.

Jackie Chan Dead? Not so Fast

Here is the link of the news, and the cover. I did not link the other one because it was a hoaxed, gosh it almost got me. Thank GOD my idol is still alive and still could make thousands of films. I am looking forward to watching the Panda II.
Please click her facebook or her website for proofs that he is still alive.

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The Unskilled Mom

Ruby Tuesday
Since I didn’t have a Ruby pictures taken recently, I will just post here the flower I created during my daughter’s program at school. She said she needs to hold a flower on that particular activity. Yeah, I know I don’t have the skills and talent of making one, even how hard I tried but it did help her. Lol

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My Eyes Will Drop Any Moment Now

This is just a quick post as my eyes will drop any minute now; I am just too sleepy it has been like days that I was not able to sleep properly. Oh well, blame it to the moon and stars hahaha! Yeah, I was busy setting up with my other blogs, I can’t sleep when I can’t add the widgets I like and organize it. Do you mind to visit or add my newest blogs, please do if you have time Meanwhile let me doze off!
Oh by the way before I finally hit the bed, here’s my newest blogs.

My Daily Mumbles

SAHM’s Online Diary

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