Ruby Tuesday : Mini Garden

Yesterday was Valentines Day and the swimming venue where my daughter has her training celebrated it as well. They had a buffet dinner at the restaurant and to make it cool, they put up tables and chair in their mini garden, mostly weddings are held from there.

Now, I wonder what happen to this supposedly Valentines celebration because it was raining so hard last night. When we went back from the mall, there was no couple who dated or group dates or friendly dates at the reception. It was like haunted, of course no one would like to get wet under the rain, while dating right? Uhmmm, this might serve as a lesson to the management, never to celebrate any occasion outside in their mini garden. They must have a zero income because of the unpredictable weather last night.
Ruby Tuesday

6 Responses to “Ruby Tuesday : Mini Garden”

  1. imriz says:

    sayang naman, ganda pa nman ng setting, very red pa nman atmosphere…pahamak na ulan yan 🙂

  2. Luna Miranda says:

    this is a beautiful venue. i've always liked red in formal gatherings.

  3. Lilis Kuntoro says:

    great event 😀

  4. genny says:

    wahhhhhhh…wala sila nag expect nga i blessed sila ug ulan. better luck next time .haist! happy RT ann!

  5. ♥♥ Willa ♥♥ says:

    Ganda ng place,parang wedding reception. 🙂

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  6. Dhemz says:

    such a gorgeous place….ka nice man kau sa setting woi.