Lazy Bum Today

Its Edsa day today so my daughter don’t have a class at school, it has been a long day for her yesterday and I am sure she was exhausted with her allergy that attacks her last night, nevertheless she needs rest at least.
I supposed to go out today to get the money that my husband wired for me but since I will need that for the fee at the pool, I might just get that tomorrow when we will go to KUMON so I can save the money for our fare. I am just a lazy bum today, well, it is so nice to see my kids just at home, wrestling and get crazy at times oh, specially my little tea pod.
I was saved by the bell, because if I insist on going out today, I might was soaking wet under the rain because it just rained a while ago all so sudden.
On the other note, I have to finish EC dropping now so I could read my book, which made me cry, laugh, sigh and smile. Wink (“,).

One thought on “Lazy Bum Today

  1. sometimes we have our lazy moments. We just want to stay home and be a couch potato or better yet, do nothing at all and stay in bed.

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