I Will Die For Our Freedom!

When a person says “I will die for our freedom”! You would exclaim how noble this person is, he doesn’t care if he dies as long as his people could attain the freedom that they longed for.

I would always be dazzle whenever I hear or whenever I see people fighting for their rights and for their freedom. I could still remember when I was in college, I was so curious about Jose Rizal’s life then, so I borrowed a book that entails of his life and how did he fought and enlightened the mind of the Filipino People. Of course everyone knows that it was through his writings, published in the other country, I am not sure now where it is since you know I tend to forget things even when I was still young, because he was not allowed to published the book here, his writings was restricted but even though the book was forbidden in our own country, it was still passed and read by the Filipino secretly.

Dr. Jose Rizal fought only through his books and never did he use any weapons because he believes that they could win without shedding any blood.

There are times, I wish being a hero but I am sure how big the responsibility is, when you are being one, when you fight for your men that sometimes your family will be in danger when you are out there in the battle fighting for the rights that everyone deserves.

If you want to read the Life of Jose Rizal, just click the link. I am certain you would as well admire his advocates of freedom.

“On battlefields struggling in frenzy,

Others have given their life blood,

Freely, without hesitation.

With not a regret in the giving;

No matter what place, what condition.

Mid cypress or laurel or lilies,

Whether on scaffold, in open,

Or combat or martyrdom cruel,

It is the same to the hero

Who dies for his home and his fireside.”

One Response to “I Will Die For Our Freedom!”

  1. chubskulit says:

    I am not sure if I want to die for our country lol, I would die for my kids that's for sure..