Belly Dancing and Buying A New Mouse

I am so tired right now, I just arrived from the belly session and I tell you, as I thought the steps were easy, I didn’t expect it can be that hard! I need to focus more with how you shake this and that, there’s a tactic but I just can’t get it right. Well anyway, I attended 2 sessions yet so I guess I can eventually get that thing right. Right after the session, I immediately headed to the mall to buy a mouse for our computer, thanks to my friend because she offered me a ride going to the mall, I don’t have to commute and get through with the traffic.
After like half an hour, finally the attendant served me and handed me the mouse. The store was not that crowded but I guess they were lacking of sales force to attend the customers. Some of us gave up and did not wait at all. If only there’s another store there that sells computer parts, I won’t sacrifice myself to stand and wait for someone there to serve me. Hence, I know, patience is a virtue, isn’t it?

2 Responses to “Belly Dancing and Buying A New Mouse”

  1. Grampy says:

    You'll get the hang of the belly dancing. It takes time. I am surprised at the service you received at the store. They should be glad you are spending the way the economy.

  2. Richele says:

    I have a belly dancing DVD that I reviewed. It is more of a workout than I imagined. lol.

    Oh and patience maybe a virtue but being wise with your time is also a priority. Patience is for things like losing weight or waiting on a person to…I'll take good customer service any day to waiting in line. lol