Allergy Attacks

We had a long and unexpected incident today, my daughter was sent to the ER just this afternoon, after we were done paying my contributions of my insurance. We were about to go to her training when suddenly she told me, her head was aching. So we dropped by at the mall, near at the training venue, I bought an Advil for her as it was recommended by the pharmacist when I asked her which medicine is effective for her age.
She still have a slight headache when we arrived at the pool, she said she would rest for a while first before she would prepare herself for the training. She lies down at the cottage for a moment or two and asked me if she could eat a bowl of hot noodles. I bought one and handed it to her. While she was eating, I noticed of some rashes on her face, I tried to ignore it but when she was already complaining of her eyes as if it was stung by some insects, I started to get panicked. One parent suddenly touch her on her forehead and check the rashes, she quickly exclaimed it was an allergy!
We sent her to the ER right away, the rashes started to spread on her neck then at her back. When the doctor tapped her tummy, she said that hurts her. The Doctor then told me, the allergy is slowly starting inside her system and the only way she could recover fast as the allergy struck her quickly as well, was a shot. She will be injected for anti-histamine, she explained it to me that a tablet alone could not heal her right away and since she was palpitating, she needs to recover as soon as possible otherwise it would complicate her.
She looked at me with disapproval on her face, ever since she doesn’t like to be poke with needles. But at that moment we have no choice but to follow what the Doctor has advised to us. She slept after that, at the bed provided for her. I went back to the cottage to get our things and waited for her to wake up. They attendant was still observing her, since her eyes was still swelling, the rashes on her face and neck were almost gone.
I thought they will ask us to stay overnight, good thing at 9:00 pm, Jm’s eyes were seemed to be okay now. They decided to check us out. The Doctor said if the rashes will get back and if she will have a stomachache the next day. I should send her back at the hospital again.

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  1. ♥♥ Willa ♥♥ says:

    Mabuti naman at naagapan agad.

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  2. Lina Gustina says:

    I can imagine how bad the situation was. Glad to know that she's better…