When To Stop

Money could not be found in trees that you can just picked up whenever you want. It came from all your sweats and hard work, it is just so sad that some people take advantage of you and would try to get more money from you even you pay it, what has been agreed. I have no problem with dues and fees but it is just so irritating when you heard how much should be paid and you found out that the amount you paid is more than enough for the requirement. Alright then, since it has been done, one must have to move forward and forget those things but you are doing it again, if I didn’t consult it to my husband I was so blind how much is it, now it must be stop.

One Response to “When To Stop”

  1. Selina says:

    girl ask lang ko why man naay mag load na other site as soon as I open your blogs? naay nipilit??? hehe mery xmas girl.