Reunion Party

I am so full; we just arrived from our reunion party together with my previous workmates at the call center. We also had an exchange of gifts, even though we were only few, I still had a blast but too sad since Mj was with me, I have to get home ahead of them.
Some of us remained at the call center I worked with before, some already transferred and one had a business. I also wanted to have a business, I am thinking of starting a lending at a construction firm maybe next month when I am not that too busy. Actually I am not that sure though, I have so many things going around in my mind now but I know GOD will never leave me, he would guide me until I would come up to a definite decision.
Everything change but they were the same good friends and workmates I used to work before. Ah it is so good to go back what I was before, I was really so serious listening of what they had gone through since I resigned from work. Geez I missed talking on the phone at night non-stop and the bloopers. I sometimes wonder when I could go back to work again, I really miss working but I have two kids right now who needs my attention yet so to go back to work have to set aside but I know I will get there someday.
Moreover, I’ll be posting our pictures after they would post it in Facebook, goodnight folks!

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