PBWeekend : Call Center Peeps

On Saturday, we had our reunion with my previous workmates at the call center. I supposed not to go since I am still waiting for my daughter to finish her training but I realized that sometimes we need to see some friends out of your being a mother. I think I also need to unwind, so I went to the venue, later they changed the venue yet I have to picked my daughter at the training, a parent already messaged me that she was done already thus I need to get there so she could join with our dinner. Too bad we need to go ahead hence, I know that Mj was already tired and she needs some rest.
Here we are, waiting for our dinner

I and Suzette, we were Ironwood peeps

Waiting for some people to arrive

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6 thoughts on “PBWeekend : Call Center Peeps

  1. you are right, it's alright to have a meet ups with friends from time to time to get out of our motherly duty. 🙂

  2. Thank you for letting us share in on the fun with all your fiends. Looks like each of you were having a good time.

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