Literacy Contest and Being Independent

I had a good nap just today, it has been like how many nights already that I slept too late and I feel so groggy whenever I would fetch my daughter for her training and or in KUMON. Yesterday, was their Literacy Program, they spotted the fourth place, their performance was okay though but they were lacking formation I guess that was the reason why they were not the champion. We must congratulate again the Grade 4-Kings for making it to the top.
My eldest daughter was very independent, well she is always being or can do anything without my presence to assists her. She doesn’t have gloves yesterday because she forgot to tell me that she needed it for her costume, what she did was she asked her teacher if she had an extra gloves she immediately bought it for P20.00, she told me when I arrived she had to sacrifice her snack over of a pair of gloves. She also asked one parent there to put some make ups on her face since I was still not there to attain her. Whenever there are some occasions like this, even I am late or whatever I know she would be alright because she is too resourceful to look for means for her to meet up.
After the program, we headed to her training immediately while I and one parent from the pool went to a newly put up subdivision near at the mall. My husband is interested about it, it is so nice though but I am more concerned of the cost.

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