Justice Will Prevail In The End

It is so sad that we’re living in a world where justice is so hard to reach. Even the accused was already behind bars but still we are not sure if he would serve his sentence forever even the evidences are directing to him.
Is it maybe because their family is so powerful? Maybe he is too rich or maybe he is really not the accused and was only wrongly pointed at. It is so unfortunate that he serve it for how many years only to find out that the evidence is not relevance enough to prove he is the one who did it.
Sometimes I would think that maybe justice is only for those who are wealthy and rich, or to those who are in power to hide everything.
But…no matter how you hide the whole truth, it would still prevail in the end. Not in this world maybe but when GOD would judge the humankind. You may enjoy your life now, enjoy it at the fullest but GOD would never slip what you did, he is the one who know it all, so to the one who did it he better watch out.

One Response to “Justice Will Prevail In The End”

  1. The Painted Veil says:

    I think it's the same all over the world Anne. It's sad but true. If you're rich you can get away with almost everything!
    Happy day,