Allergy and Flu

Whenever I am taking Anti-histamine and Montelukast I always end up so sleepy and droopy that I want to close my eyes as soon as I am done taking it. I kept on sneezing yesterday so I thought it would be better if I will take it though how I wish to do not take it anymore but my allergy keeps on kicking in and my asthma as well.
My husband has not been feeling well too, he was absent for two days at work due to colds thank God he is alright now. He was able to accept the invitation of his friend for dinner tonight, he called me then that he was on his way home, while driving his car. When he was online he told me that his friend wanted him to stay longer with his family but since he got flu these past few days he has to go home.
I and Mj are still busy right now, every time we got home she has to answer her worksheets and if she had assignments she has to attain it first before she could go to sleep, while I make a short quiz for her to be answer by the next day. I have to help her do that so she could cope up, this is what she want, thus she really need to divide her time although sometimes I noticed she is already tired but she said she just can’t stop there, she need to work hard so she can prove herself in swimming.

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