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Happy New Year!

I just want to greet each one of you a happy prosperous New Year, more bountiful and more blessings and more opp’s for us this coming year! Muah!


I just went to the mall today to buy some goodies and bottled water for tomorrow’s event. But even though I only picked a few grocery items geez the line was so long, even to the express lane. I ran fast as I could to get some taxi outside but I could not find anything so I opted to commute. I was in a hurry so we could get some early rest tonight; we have to wake up early tomorrow so we could have breakfast yet before we arrived at the port where ferry boat going to the resort is docked. I will have to bring my mini with me so to chat with my husband but I don’t think I could visit you guys. But since it is only an overnight stay I can still update my blog the usual time.

Watery Wednesday # 6: Forest Hill Resort

The name of this resort is Forest Hill; we used to be here last year when I and a friend wanted to learn how to swim, unfortunately until now we still don’t know how, well after like four sessions, we were not able to attend for it anymore.

Watery Wednesday

Ruby Tuesday # 35: Somewhat Real

Who said we don’t have a Santa Claus here, I mean Santa’s who would let the kids sit on his lap. Well, Faith was able to experience it, in one of the malls here. Of course I took a picture of it, for my entry today in:
Ruby Tuesday