To stay healthy and beautiful

Ever since I really don’t have any serious acne problems unlike some other women out the, they need to do everything yet just to get rid of it. From high school to college I never gone myself an acne treatment, you know why? It is because I don’t use hard make ups or toner in my face. Somehow those hard beauty products would cause you allergies and the like then afterwards acne would show up in your cheeks. That’s why I keep on giving my piece of advice to my niece who is already in 4th year high school right now, to avoid using make ups, creams or foundation, she just have to use a mild soap for her face so to maintain the smoothness and softness of her skin, sometimes keeping your life simple could make you stay healthy and beautiful.

One Response to “To stay healthy and beautiful”

  1. Sound Proud International says:

    it's good to stay healthy and fit. your beauty will surely shine through if you have a healthy lifestyle.