Ruby Tuesday # 29: Santa Claus

Ruby Tuesday
My eldest daughter and I had a nice conversation one day, it is about our dearest Santa Claus.
Her: Ma, does the USA have a real Santa Claus, someone who would climbed in the chimney top and would go down in a fireplace?
Me: Yes, I guess so
Her: A real Santa who would laugh like Ho Ho Ho?
Me: Yes
Her: A real Santa Claus who rides in a sleigh and does not just stand up all day long?
( She pointed the Santa Claus in the grocery shop)
Me: I smiled, and said yes.

7 Responses to “Ruby Tuesday # 29: Santa Claus”

  1. ilovepink1078 says:

    Wow, Giant Sta Claus! Nice photograph, sis.

    By the way, Sis I am hosting Christmas giveaways contest. Please Come and Join us now!

  2. HOOTIN' ANNI says:

    LOL….gotta love the children of the world. Sweet!!!

    LEGO art is my Ruby Tuesday today, hope you can stop by to join me!!

  3. Auntie E says:

    He is on his way to town. I spotted him this weekend.
    Happy Ruby Tuesday-Fall Lazy Flare

  4. Mel Cole says:

    Spirit of Christmas is in the air!

    My Ruby Tuesday post here.

  5. chubskulit says:

    Nyahahahahaa, pauwiin mo si Teryy this Christmas then pabaunin mo ng Santa outfit Anne para maexperience ng mga bata ang real Santa..

    My Ruby Tuesday

  6. maryt/theteach says:

    Funny, Mary Anne, thanks for playing Ruby Tuesday! 🙂

  7. Dhemz says:

    agoy mamasko najud ko dire…ehehehe!