Ruby Tuesday # 27: Scooters

Ruby Tuesday
Those were the scooters displayed in the mall one day. They looked so amazingly beautiful and oh so cute! I and my daughter joined their art program and that is to color the scooter in the paper, they would pick the best one to be announced as a winner, I am not sure if what was the prize since we did not win but surely we had so much fun.

5 Responses to “Ruby Tuesday # 27: Scooters”

  1. Auntie E says:

    What a beautiful ruby find.
    My ruby Tuesday link for you

  2. Jan n Jer says:

    Now those are cute and bright little scooters.

  3. Mar says:

    Very cute scooters!
    My Ruby Tuesday

  4. carinamodella says:

    very girly…love it!

  5. noypistuff says:

    cute bikes.. 😀

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