PBWeekend : Ninang

Oh no! I’d never been this late in posting my Meme’s but please bear with me, my Internet connection went crazy since last week, and recently I can’t view any of my website at all, and even in your websites. It was only yesterday that my connections perfectly went back! Thanks goodness, because if they will not fix their base station a week more, I would really have them disconnect my Internet so I could look for another Internet service provider.
Moreover, I attended a baptismal for my friend’s son; they arrived here last month from Texas for a long vacation. And for that, they have their son baptized as well. I was the Ninang so I have to be there, and so to see my friend, whom I haven’t seen for a while.
In the taxi cab, on my way to the church

The couple and their son

of course the Ninang and my Inaanak
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  1. Dhemz says:

    ayay! pagka gwafa sa ninang…ehehehe!